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Paradise ice

Shaved Ice Paradise

We're cranking up our commercial ice shavers at an event near you! The flavor, the texture...it's like real snow on a hot day!

Event Fund Raising


Schedule us at your community or school-related event. We're set-up to do most any event, whether it's soccer, football, baseball, basketball, tournaments or band competitions.


Promote the event to students / parents, booster organizations and the local community. The more you promote the event, the more people will be driven to support it. 

Get $$

Lakeside Lemonade will donate a percentage of its gross sales revenue, on food products, for the event to your school, booster or civic organization. The more that's sold means the larger the donation. 

why us?

Yeah, everyone says that........................

It all started with lemonade. Now, it's expanded into hot dogs, Italian ice, shave ice, waffles on a stick, gourmet hot chocolate and apple cider. 

Every vendor says they have the  best and that it's all fresh. But, at LakeSide Foods, we realize it's not only about the best tasting authentic products, it's also about the ingredients, customer service and overall experience of trying one of our hand-crafted products.

We take pride in our products, and we're available for fairs, festivals, corporate outings, school functions, weddings, sporting events, music venues and private parties in the North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia areas

Our products are the BEST for a reason.........quality ingredients, preparation equipment and people.