Hotshot was born at 5AM on the streets of Tokyo when American entrepreneur Danny Grossfeld was looking for some hot coffee before a meeting. After going store to store with no luck, he decided to settle on what he thought was a cold can of coffee from a refrigerator. To his surprise, not only was it actually a “hot fridge” and the cans were all hot; but that hot canned coffee was a $15 Billion Industry in Japan!

Danny immediately went on a mission to bring this Japanese concept dating back to 1969, to the US. He set out to leverage the true innovation and convenience of the hot RTD concept, and make it acceptable for American tastes. The lengthy process of “Americanizing” the product included: raising the temperature from 110° F to 140° F; increasing the size of the can, creating formulas from scratch, developing entirely new heating technology; and inventing an insulated label to protect your hands. 

The Evolution Revolution is Underway

Throughout the entire process, the focus has been driven by taste and quality. Danny teamed up with a world-class flavor designer to ensure that the product itself tasted great, and was made with high quality ingredients and natural coffee. This has opened the door to introduce other hot beverages like hot chocolate, tea, and beyond. Years of R&D, 1500 formulas, Trademarks & Patents issued, and an appearance on Shark Tank; Hotshot was finally born in the summer of 2017. HotShot represents the next evolutionary step in coffee. Once you try one, it will be difficult for you to imagine waiting in line or brewing a cup ever again.

The Current Products


Our Arabica Coffee is smooth and complex, with spicy, herbal notes and an earthy aroma, which makes it one of the most desired coffee's in the world


Our French Vanilla highlights the exotic essence of Vanilla with a sweet and creamy texture that's balanced to perfection


Made from the finest Belgium Cocoa, our Hot Chocolate delivers a rich deep flavor with a hint of creamy sweetness


Of course, you can try any HOTSHOT product at the perfectly heated temperature of 140 degrees at any of the events we're at. Or, you can click HERE to locate your nearest HOTSHOT retailer. 

But wait, you can also pour it over ice, add a flavorful whipped topping and enjoy the smooth, rich flavor of your choice of BLACK, FRENCH VANILLA or HOT CHOCOLATE with a little twist!