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The Meanest Lemonade Around

Simply the Best Taste

 A standard lemon press / juicer cannot do what we do, as it only extracts the juice. We use specialized lemon smashers that not only extract the juice but also the zest from the peel. In addition, we only use the freshest ingredients in our lemonade. Simply stated, our lemonades beat them all.......hands down.


Max lemon

Max Lemon will kick your ICE!

Max Lemon" is a character that we developed to help launch our brand and to have a little fun. "Max" has been around a long time and knows how to avoid the 'squeeze'. However, avoiding a good 'smashing' is almost impossible. Max has that evil smirk on his face as that's his personality. 

However, Max knows that a good smashing leads to the best tasting lemonade around because it includes the zest of the peel. This provides that extra flavor that separates Lakeside from those that choose to squeeze or just serve a powder mixture.  Our fresh-smashed lemonade has a pure country flavor. But make no mistake about it, this ain't no Country Time Lemonade mix!

So, catch Max at our next event to get the best lemonade around.