Out of over 1,000 vendors at the Hillsville Flea Market, WDBJ Channel 7 (a CBS affiliate) chose our display as the image for their story. It was also seen in their video (see link below).

State of the art cart

Stainless Steel

Our Lemonade Carts are food grade stainless steel and NSF Certified. Our carts feature a futuristic look with a transparent Lexan panel on the front so customers can see our equipment and just how clean it is. 

Water Delivery System

Each cart uses a 'beer tap' to dispense water for our drinks. We only use FDA approved tubing that is BPA free and our system can serve up to 300 32 ounce lemonades before it has to be refilled. So, we always ready for those rush times at events.

Attention Getter

At night, our carts have the ability to 'light-up' and create some special effects with our logos. It's a real attention getter!