our equipment

Lemon Sectioner

Our custom lemon sectioner slices each lemon into six slices so we can extract the most juice from the pulp and zest from the peel.

Lemon Smasher

We don't use traditioner juicers as they are manually powered, so the amount of juice that's extracted depends on the strength of the operator. 

Instead, we utilize a Lemon Smasher that is operated by a small air-powered cylinder that exerts 300 pounds per square inch of pressure on each and every lemon. This means we get a consistent amount of juice and taste with our lemonade products each and every time. We also get something that standard juicers do not. The teeth of our smasher go into the peel of the lemon and thus release its zest, which adds to the flavor and overall taste experience of our product.

Our equipment is the finest available and come from www.lemonadevending.com

32oz Storage Cup

We don't use the traditional flimsy plastic cups that most vendors use. 

Instead, we pay extra to supply each and every customer with a 32oz disposable food storage cup which has a better thickness and form-fitting lid. We then use a custom straw punch to make a flap in the lid to insert the straw. The biggest benefit is once your cup is placed under the Lemon Sectioner, it is used throughout the entire process to make your lemonade. Unlike most lemonade vendors who mix in one cup and then pour the final product into yet another cup.